-- Darrell Hill  --

September 23, 1941 - February 2, 2013

We lost one of Hawaii and the art world's living treasures recently with the passing of Darrell Hill.  Darrell's art enriched countless lives, and his warm and engaging personality made him even more special.  His unique style left a distinctive mark in the Hawaii art community, and influenced a generation of Hawaiian artists and pleinair painters worldwide.

Darrell's style was characterized as bold impressionism, and is instantly recognizable for its intense use of color and loose gestural brushstrokes.  Like the 20th century fauve painters, Darrell used color in a very non-literal way, often departing from nature's own specific palette in wildly interpretive new directions.  Unlike the fauvists, though, his work was never garish or brash, but bold and sophisticated.  Although vivid colors were laid next to one another in a style often characterized as "alla prima", they always harmonized to create a complex palette of emotionally charged, dynamic colors with tension, but not conflict.  His brushwork was flowing and an extension of his arm and body.  Some people paint with their wrist.  Darrell painted with his whole body.

Rather than paint in a premeditative or deliberate style, I always felt that he worked his craft to the point that it was second nature, and that he painted much the way that Yo-Yo Ma plays the cello:  never thinking about  components like notes, meter or timbre, only the music itself.  

I had the privilege of knowing Darrell and working with him on a number of occasions, and feel blessed to have crossed paths with him in life.  A great many people are saddened to have lost him, but he leaves behind a legacy of art . . . a thousand little pieces of himself that will live forever.


I'm going to start a new feature on this blog, highlighting individual artists and photographers from time to time.  The first person I'd like to start with is a new client, the brilliant portrait artist Rose Adare.

Rose's expressive portraits are painted in oil on linen, and are done in a fluid style that is loose and painterly, but without sacrificing detail or nuance.  She's classically trained, but the art is anything but old fashioned.  All of them are strong on mood and emotion, and the subjects truly seem to be made of flesh and blood, on both figurative and literal levels. Rose doesn't paint generic people, and in fact seeks out larger than life characters that often live outside the mainstream.  They are new bohemians and counter culture heroes, captured in a classical style by gifted artist and a keen observer.

Rose's current body of work is titled "Restraint and Revolution", and her work will be featured in several upcoming shows in Hawaii and beyond.  Don't miss seeing her work, if you have the opportunity.

For more information, visit The Art of Rose Adare.




I just added a new Content Management System (CMS) called Armadillo to the blog for this site, which allows for updating the blog from any web browser.  It's really easy to edit and update, and I will be using this same system for clients blogs to keep everything all in one place, with no need for using an outside provider like Blogger or Disqus.  It is an improvement in both usability and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so what's not to like?  

Armadillo offers much more than just a blogging option, as it will provide a means for clients to change elements that they want elsewhere, if built into the design.




I just uploaded a new site design for this website.  Most of the major elements are still the same, but I simplified the overall look and feel and put more emphasis on variable content.  

The previous version of the site was still influenced by my earlier fondness for a fixed viewport size with no scrolling.  This was probably a vestigial style carried over from some Flash based sites that were influential in my early web design sensibilities.  

Time marches on, and I’ve replaced a few skeuomorphic touches with simpler styling, and the horizontal tab side scrolling is now replaced with a simpler tab style for sub navigation, which just collapses and expands in place.  

I’m still going to upgrade the gallery format in the near future, but I’m waiting for a software update that will allow me to do some new things that I’ve been wanting to implement.  That should be a matter of a week or two, and then the full site will be freshened up.




I just installed a new system that is more user friendly and efficient for uploading large files for printing or editing.  If it is too big to email, this system is the ticket.  Upload up to six files at a time, for a maximum of 500Mb in a single upload.  I get an automatic notification when you upload.  Sweet.

I also have a new system in place for downloads that delivers the client a link, and provides a direct download from my server.  No third parties are involved in either the upload or download process, and the only limitation is the speed of your internet connection.

On another note, the new canvas, Sunset Reserve, is continuing to get great reception from clients and from me.  It looks like an unsolicited change in the status quo, and a big headache in the changeover, has resulted in a silver lining, now that everything is all sorted out.





Here you will find recent news about Colorwave Imaging and our clients, as well as subjects related to fine art / giclee printing, photography, graphic design, web design, photo retouching and photo restoration.

Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.  

~Twyla Tharp